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Test Press


Each test press comes hand ink stamped, numbered and housed in a wrap-around cover

Only 5 copies available of each release

We recommend customers clean test presses before playing

*There may be imperfections due to the DIY process of stamping*

Weight 750 g

Ara Subversor – Vow of Dominion, Calderum – Mystical Fortress of Iberian Lands, Calderum – Lord Cramridor, Celestial Sword – Dawn of the Crimson Moon, Count Vornok – Towards the Black Vaults of Angorn, Grave Pilgrim – S/T, Grave Pilgrim – Molten Hands Reach West, Ink & Fire – Execution of Spirit, Lamp of Murmuur – Chasing the Path of the Hidden Master, Lamp of Murmuur – Cursed Deambulations of the Nocturnal Entities, Lungtoucher – The Ninth Incantation, Navalum – In Feather-Gold and Machete, Revenant Marquis – Milk Teeth, Revenant Marquis – Polterngeyst, Somme – Prussian Blood, Somme – Somme, Revenant Marquis – Youth in Ribbons, Kõukude Tants – Lyndanise Ood, Wynter Myst – Bitter Hymns, Oferwintran – Demo, Obsidian – Into the Depths of the Shadow, Grave Pilgrim – The Bigotry of Purpose, Ildganger – For Hver Tanke Mister Sjælen Atter Farve, Crymych – Songs of Sistrum, Revenant Marquis – All the Pleasures of Heaven, Forest Thrall – Amidst Pines, Mantahungal – Silte Voor De Storm