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Gennembore – Demo (Cassette)



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Pro Cassette

Limited to 100 copies

From the Southern states comes mysterious new quartet Gennembore, with a debut demo of assertively controlled sabre-rattling, battle-scarred US black metal.

Without wanting to define it as a new ‘wave’ (just yet?), there is certainly an unarguably distinct happening over in the US in the last couple of years, between a particular sound of raw steely melodic black metal. From bands and their extended collection of incarnations such as Hekseblad, Sacral, Nocturnal Wanderer, Ink & Fire, Till, Nachtheir, Drelnoch, Dune Mear, Eldeskal, and labels like Lost Armor, Jems, Spiritual Disease among many more, there is something going on that is not the same as things that came before.

Much like the Danish Korpsand circle (and in fact, Gennembore is the Danish word for ‘Pierce’) and collectives of Russians have been kicking out strains of feral punky rawness, each spiked with their own character, so too does this American style have a unique quality, be it poignancy, nostalgia, detached reverence , among other descriptors you’ve probably seen me use too frequently. It’s really good, and I’m bad at describing it, so I’ll leave it there, bcz I know someone is going to go “it’s just black metal”. Yes. I agree.

– Transmissions from the Dark



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