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Celestial Sword – nocturnal divinity

Two years have passed, the light flickers in the distance.

Thus, it is time for the Celestial Sword to bestow itself upon us…

The ancient US presence once again drifts across the moors of Death Prayer Records.

Presenting to us in tow, their 3rd full-length album, ‘Nocturnal Divinity’.

Drenched in a rich and raw romanticism upon a spellbinding array of transcendiant cacophony.

Celestial Sword manages to capture the essence of evil at its most venerable and most daring on this record.

Akin to that of a fatally wounded beast upon its last stance.


I – Lugubrious Entrance of the Vampyric Entity (by Nightshade)

II – Blood Moon Elegy

III – Waves of Deafening Soliloquy (ft. Drugoth)

IV – Interlude – Whispers Amongst the Thorns of Desolation

V – Scarlet Moon Enchantment I & II (ft. Zofie Siege)

VI – Crimson Embrace of the Nightborne Serpent

VII – Interlude – To Relinquish The Divine Light (by Ancient Iron)

VIII – Amidst the Cold Winds of Despair and Solitude

IX – Le Sang De La Nuit (by Zofie Siege)

X – Last Dance of the Night God

XI – Tattered Banners of The Dark Order (by Ancient Iron)

Today, we present you with one relic from the album, entitled ‘Blood Moon Elegy, available to stream on all major digital platforms.

Mixed and mastered by the craft of M. of Lamp of Murmuur/Silent Thunder.

The cover artwork has skillfully been created by Karmazid (Urfaust / Lamp of Murmuur)

‘Nocturnal Divinity’ will release in early 2024. Format information and release date to be revealed in the coming weeks