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Death Prayer Records are pleased to announce that work has completed on the next release from Oregon’s Grave Pilgrim.

Emerging from the battle fields with another slab of Americana inspired Black Metal comes Grave Pilgrim with their second full-length album ‘The Bigotry Of Purpose’. This new offering further cements Grave Pilgrim as one of the genres most exciting projects in recent years and adds yet another strong release to their growing discography which includes 2021’s debut self-titled album and 2022’s ‘Molten Hands Reach West’ EP.

‘The Bigotry of Purpose’ retains the same technical, guitar driven ferocity as previous outings and delivers a new found vocal rawness which has not been heard from TB before.

Grave Pilgrim enlist the help of female vocalist SD who delivers a stunning and haunting performance on both ‘Rhiannon’s Wake’ and the albums title track which adds an extra dynamic to this stellar release.

‘The Bigotry Of Purpose’ is hard-hitting affair with layers of complexity that will make the listener want to start from the beginning again as soon as the final track ends.


Prometheus Weeps

The Yoke

The Archaic Torso of Apollo

The Silver Swan (Orlando Gibbons)

Rhiannon’s Wake

Sublime Flagellation

The Bigotry of Purpose

Release date and format information to be announced at a later date.