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Hailing from the dank and deepest recesses of the Pembrokeshire Black Circle, dark robed entity S. presents us with the latest and final ritual from Revenant Marquis before returning to the shadows. A somber, mournful and suffocating sounding offering, “All The Pleasures Of Heaven” comes after its 2022 predecessor “Milk Teeth” and delivers on that thick choking atmosphere that engulfs and drags you kicking and screaming to your grave.

With Bass and Drum duties being handled by O. of the mighty OBSKURITATEM,
“All The Pleasures Of Heaven” takes a new dive into more of the anguished and torturous sounds that S. has masterfully crafted since first emerging in 2018. Consisting of 7 sermons, S. manages to retain that hateful fury captured on previous releases. The true dissonance and thick claustrophobic riffs create an atmosphere that will have you clawing at walls for just a glimmer of light as this final nail in your coffin seals your fate.

Text by @lord_of_the_shadows6_6_6

I. Linnet Through The Marshes
II. All The Pleasures Of Heaven
III. Ankles Cadaverous
IV. Black Metal
V. Luck & Evil
VI. To The People Of This Hamlet
VII. Bliss

Releasing the second half of 2023, more details coming soon.